• All About Home and Professional Drug Testing Kits

    In drug testing, you can opt for home testing kits or undergo a professional drug examination. The latter is a reliable form of detecting drug usage and knowing more details about the drug present in the system of an individual. One the other hand, the latter is merely checking for an indication of drug presence in an individual.


    What to Know About a Home Drug Testing Kit


    While home testing kits are good options when you are suspecting that somebody in your house is taking illicit drugs, they also have their shortcomings. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the testing kits are properly used especially on the stage of specimen collection. Here are some of the things that you should ensure:

    • The individual to be tested should no consume great amounts of fluids such as water prior to taking a urine test since this can cause the dilution of the urine, which will affect the accuracy of the results.
    • Ensure that the home drug testing kits you choose can detect other types of drugs such as ecstasy, bath salts, and inhalants.
    • For positive results, always send out the drug test for laboratory testing. Note that, a false negative result can also occur when the use of the testing kit is incorrect.


    In order to get reliable and specific results about drug presence in a person’s system, professional drug testing is advised. Objectivity is of top most priority by the staff handling the test results. Moreover, professional drug testing will be able to draw more information of the drug test such as the names of the drugs detected and the amount that is present in the tested person’s system. This means that you can get a better view about the drug use or abuse of an individual when entrusted on the hands of experts.

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